What are PDLs?

A Personally Developed Lead (PDL) is someone you have personally reached out to and talked to about MyOutDesk.

Every successful PDL gives $100 for the VP (that's you!)

Who can
be PDLs?

PDLs can be ANY business owner, decision-maker or entrepreneur serving different industries, who may need a virtual assistant.

A successful PDL means that they sign-up with MyOutDesk and hires a Virtual Professional.**

Send us your PDLs today!

** Leads that are already in our system as a result of MyOutDesk marketing efforts will not be considered a PDL.

Terms and Conditions apply.

It's time to BRING IN YOUR PDLs*...

MyOutDesk is giving great rewards for your *Personally Developed Leads—so, if you come across a possible client who will benefit from our services, send them our way and reap the benefits!